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It is time.

[Owner] Klldarkness a posted 22 hours ago

Vegetable based inks, is dead.


But from those ashes, the ground is renewed.


New plants grow, reaching higher into the skies than ever before.


And as the sun sets on one day, and night time falls, the plants reach for the stars.


And so your wish, is granted. <--- Enjin website

24/7 Pixelmon


We are waiting.

I know I am! Only one day left till our new server, and forum, opens!

[Pirate] SuperSkittle21 WHAT HYPE TRAIN!?!?!? I WANNA BE ON IT!
[Pirate] Wolfspyification All aboard the hype train!!! Choo Choo!

No, seriously, look up.

Edit: 01/05/14

I'm thinking about it. Not VBI, not right now, and not for a while.
If you're interested in making something like this happen, check the forums.


Hey guys, Klldarkness here.

I know alot of you are upset; Disappointed even.

And you have every right to be.

So let me tell you what happened, and how VBI died, never to return.

Our server payments were due on the 12th of each month.

We,(Me, Shika, VBI in general), did really good donation wise, in our first month as a Pixelmon server. We did so well, I convinced Shika to pay for two months after that month.

And she did. Supposedly. Who knows.

A few days before our last payment was due, Shika went offline on skype, and stopped coming onto the server.

She has been busy with work before, and I figured it would just take a few days, and she would be back. She SWORE to me, she wouldn't abandon me, and a server, again. So, I had no worries.

Come the 13th, the server goes down.

I message her.

She has never replied.

I waited three days, and then messaged a mutual friend of ours, asking if she had heard from shika.

They had been talking each day, I was told.

Her facebook was still active, and being updated.

It seemed, that we were abandoned. Again.

And this time, there was no excuse. The Original VBI went down due to her being stuck in the hospital for over a month.

This one went down because, for some unknown reason, Shika ran away.

To say that I was heartbroken wouldn't be far from the actual case.

Me and shika were friends, I had thought. We'd talked daily, 4 hours a day, for over a year. We knew eachothers birthdays, real names, phones numbers, addresses, bank account information, hopes, and dreams.

And she walked away, and didn't look back.

So I did the same.

I've dropped by, now and again, and see the posts. And they made me very sad. This time wasn't like the first one. This time, there was no excuse.

We were abandoned at the worst time, for some unknown reason, and I left in disgust.

I won't apologize, because I don't feel you, my players, would accept it.

I do say thank you, however, for the players that helped make VBI, in both it's iterations, an awesome server to play on. So thank you, and good night.

Consider this, the long awaited explaination, both your christmas present, and my goodbye.

I love you all. Dicks Ahoy.
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