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Updated to 3.2.8

Java.IO Error?
I've added an option in the donation store, for free, that will send you to spawn on your next login. It's under the Misc. section. Please try and use that to fix the issue first.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen...Welcome, to Vegetable-Based Inks.

Wanting to try something new, we're now running Pixelmon 3.2.8. This is a 1.7.10 mod.

To download, and install, please check out

Once again, being run by me, Klldarkness, and ShikaDeer, this isn't even close to our first server. Our Attack of The B-team server was recognized as one of the BEST servers to play on. This server will be run just as well, if not better, as we have learned from our mistakes.

Come join us, and take a look.

If you like our server, please post about it at one of these links:

And vote here for money, and items!

Also, for those new to Enjin, and unsure how to join our website, follow this handy tutorial!

Having troubles installing Pixelmon? Follow this super easy to follow Tutorial!

We also have a Twitter! Tweet about us here!
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~It's going well. The server's down.
Hey Uni! It
Sup, guys? A lot of you probably don't know/remember me, but just checking in on the server :)
Ik we gotta be patient it just seems weird to not know whats going on lol
If the server has been down for this long it has to be Kll extremely busy since he is not giving us updates. We're just going to have to be patient night.
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